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The Importance of Good Design throughout your Home

A good design can have a positive impact on our lives, and sometimes the best designs are all about simplicity of something that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but functional that brings you and your family together. The importance of good design has been a hot topic for centuries, and if you think about it, every object that we see, touch, or hear is a result of someone’s creative vision. Architecture and interior design have come a long way, and it is the space and someone’s vision that brings the space to life. A good designer intends to make your environment personal and comfortable for you; the design process is an intentional process that takes your personal needs and desired aesthetic, customizable to suit the architectural integrity of your home. In other words, good design is everything; good design will impact your life forever.

Modern open concept living and dining area with stone fireplace
Studio S Interiors Living Room, 2014.


The emotional connection in which you experience within your space is what is important; any good designer will be able to pick up on these emotional cues and give you that space your heart desires. It is up to the designer to really dig deep and ask clients what to look for in a space, and what their lifestyles require in order to understand how they would live in their new kitchen or bath. This creative process is where the creative ideas really begin to come together. The best designed spaces are a result of studying the space and inquiring about the needs of the occupants. The room, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or family room should be a reflection of your own character and personality; a well designed space will tell your story to others.

Beautiful light coloured kitchen in open floor plan home
Studio S Interiors Kitchen, 2014.