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7 Awesome Kitchen Storage Ideas

How to make the most out of your kitchen space

Not everyone has the luxury of unlimited cabinet space and counter top surfaces that never seem to end. That’s why it’s important to make the most out of the space you do have in your kitchen. Here are 7 kitchen storage ideas that optimize every square inch!

1. Pull out Pantry

Take advantage of a slim space that still has plenty of depth. Rather than the traditional cupboard with inset shelves, consider installing a pull out shelving unit. This solution gives you full access to every item in your pantry, which means that box of crackers you had in the back won’t go stale before you remember they’re there.

Pull out pantry kitchen storage


2. Tool Drawer Insert

Everyone has that one drawer where they toss everything from their can opener to their pizza cutter. Rather than subjecting all those poor tools to a life of chaos, try an organized drawer insert. This way, everyone has their own spot and you won’t waste time rummaging through to find the ice cream scoop.

organizational kitchen tool drawer insert


3. Pull out Spice Rack

Having all your herbs and spices displayed beautifully on your kitchen counter may be ideal for letting your guests know that you’re the greatest chef in the land, but not everyone can afford to spare all of that prime real-estate. Pull out spice racks are a great way to keep organized, while also taking advantage of some tight cupboard space that might have otherwise gone to waste.

Pull out spice rack kitchen storage


4. Cutting Board Sink Insert

Now this one isn’t really a “kitchen storage idea” per say, however it is a great way to take advantage of space. While preparing a meal, you can never have enough surface area. Utilizing that second sink basin as a cutting board is an awesome way to temporarily extend your counter tops! And an added bonus, some come with draining inserts to help cut down on messy juices.

Cutting board sink insert


5. Pull out Dish Dividing Rack

Stacking dishes on top of each other in your cupboard may seem like the best way to store them, but we all know the struggle of trying to pull out that handful of plates trapped underneath a mountain of bowls. Alternatively, consider installing a pull out dish rack that evenly divides your dishes, while providing you easy access.

Pull out dish dividing rack


6. Hidden Step Stool

Part of optimizing your kitchen space, means installing cabinets with shelves that may be just a touch out of reach. Finding the room to store a step stool close by shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. As part of your cabinet installation, add a hidden step stool right into your toe kick!

Hidden toe kick step stool


7. Pull out Corner Cupboard

One of the hardest spots to access is the dreaded inner corner cabinet of any kitchen. Clever pull out shelving units allow for all of that space to be utilized, while still allowing access to everything in the cupboard.

Pull out corner cupboard